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The Arizona Autism Story

Our founders joined forces years ago, like all great stories, through a mutual pursuit to help others. The intimate connection in the beginning that kick started it all was one specific boy… Tayven, the son of one of the founders.


When one of our owners, Ryan “Ryker” Martin first discovered his son had Autism, he naturally sought out the best Autism therapy care for Tayven. Ryker soon discovered that there wasn’t one place to turn to for all of his son’s pediatric therapy needs. That’s when he met his son’s new master level Occupational Therapist Ryan Sherman and everything changed.

Con las habilidades terapéuticas de Ryan y la perspicacia comercial de Ryker, su pasión por ayudar a Tayven encendió la llama para redefinir toda la industria de la terapia pediátrica de Arizona. Su objetivo era crear una agencia útil que reuniera todos los servicios de atención y terapia pediátrica necesarios e importantes bajo un mismo techo.

Fue entonces cuando nació Arizona Autism.


Ryan “Ryker” Martin

Co-Owner Arizona Autism

“From day one, I knew Arizona Autism had to be different in our approach to pediatric therapy and how we employ all our therapists and caregivers. Happy and fulfilled employees pour their heart and soul into our clients’ lives, and that’s what truly matters. Arizona Autism is a Christian based company, so by putting Him first, we're putting the kids first.

Who & How We Help

There’s a reason we are the most trusted pediatric care agency in the state...

At Arizona Autism, our reason for existing is simple: WE LOVE KIDS! Everyday we strive to fulfill our mission to provide the best possible pediatric therapy services available to children with disabilities in the entire state of Arizona.
The families we work with are some of the most incredible people you’ll meet. If you want to see how powerful love is, all you have to do is look toward a mother, father or guardian who is dedicated to seeing a child with a developmental disability thrive.
Our pediatric therapists and caregivers are the heart of our company. They are committed to helping children with Autism and other disabilities achieve independence through the development of fine motor skills, problem solving, socialization, self-care and communication skills, sensory integration, and attention development.
  • Our pediatric care therapists are devoted, diligent and dependable.
  • All our therapists are fully licensed in Arizona and undergo a thorough background check before they can #Work4TheBear.
  • We offer both full spectrum pediatric therapy care services and in-home caregiving, including respite care that provides parents with the breaks they deserve. 
  • We understand the breakdowns and breakthroughs parents and guardians go through when caring for a child with autism; it’s why one of our owner’s sons was the inspiration behind starting Arizona Autism. 
  • We believe every child can thrive and achieve independence through the development of important life skills.

Nuestra visión

"De cierto te digo que todo lo que hiciste por uno de estos hermanos y hermanas más pequeños, lo hiciste por mí".

San Mateo 25:40

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